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Aromas, CA
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Because of our moving, it had been 5 weeks without a ride. My route plans changed when I meet up with Rex. We left the road so he could show me a scenic way home. A way with a view.. and fences.. and hills.. and poison oak!
This was my planned first road ride. I got to ride it a week later. Compare the elevation difference on the chart label. Note- there is NO level ground here.

- looking South -
Distance: 16.4 miles
Time: 2:07 hrs
Climbed: 1944 ft
% grade: 4.6% avg
    (steepest: 20.4%)
Distance: 15.0
Time: 1:13 hrs
Climbed: 1028 ft
% grade: 2.6% avg
    (steepest: 11.6%)

- looking North -                                In search of a level road ride...

Distance: 28.75miles
Time: 2:02 hrs
Climbed: 1121 ft
% grade: 1.5% avg
    (steepest: 6.4%)
This is as level as it gets..
Hazel Dell / Browns Valley Rd.
Distance: 32.5miles
Time: 2:07 hrs
Climbed: 1489 ft
% grade: 1.8% avg
    (steepest: 10.2%)
Arial map showing three ride:

- Hazel Dell top loop
- Buena Vista middle
- Prundale hills bottom 2

76 miles
3638 ft climbing